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By design, we are the ultimate commercial vanity solution for architects and owners. We provide the expertise of design and the required ADA zone requirements, IAMPO approval requirements, and ANSI structural load requirement’s.


For over 23 years Stone and Steel has helped some of the largest brands design and roll out superior vanity systems and accessories. Our dedicated staff of designers and engineers fabricate and install some of the industry’s most efficient, low maintenance, and environmentally safe facilities.


Stone and Steel uses the latest technology and tools to explore and determine the precise project requirements. We measure twice and cut once, ensuring that all our projects are delivered on time and on budget.

“Our vision is to become the world’s premier 
commercial luxury hand washing solution.”



  • Dryers

    Save trees by using less paper and reduce the maintenance of your restroom with our state-of-the-art hand dryers. We are constantly exploring options to reduce your restroom overhead while providing a unique client experience. Learn more about our dryers…

  • Faucets

    We exclusively carry and install SLOAN faucets. It’s really for one simple reason – they are the premier faucet manufacturer. SLOAN has consistently delivered an unparalleled customer experience for over 100 years. View our acclaimed faucet lines by SLOAN...

  • Green Tech

    Innovation. Convenience. Improved hygiene. Protecting your employees and clients. These are some of the drivers that compel our R&D and engineering teams to explore, test and invent smarter and better ways of providing a safer restroom environment. Explore our eco-friendly options...

  • Dispensers

    Our two sleek dispenser lines complement any vanity design or architecture. Dispensers help to provide both customers and employees with an easy way to stay healthy and promote better hygiene in retail locations or in the work place. View our dispenser lines...


From the initial selection of the finest construction materials to the finished product, we build vanity systems that are truly custom to your specifications.

We take a lot of pride in what we do and what we offer. We truly believe that we are manufacturing something special: a product that is unrivaled by any other vanity system on the market. We are passionate about our products, and we don't take quality lightly. From solid raw stone to engineering mixtures for finish and stain, we select only the best materials. We spare no expense to ensure that we are providing a custom vanity system that takes your breath away.

  • Stone

    Our stone quarries are located all over the world. The various types of stone and marble we use in all our designed and manufactured vanity systems are second to none. We are committed to delivering our best on each project, we believe that our process of hand selecting raw stone plays a big part in our final quality and has been for years.

  • Steel

    Blue SteelWe strongly believe that if you’re going to put effort into designing a custom quality vanity system then it only makes sense to build it of the materials which complement its form and enhance its function. In some instances it’s more than just selecting a certain material, it’s what we do to it to bring out the extra look and feel which sets us apart from everyone else. Bottom line: we would much rather overbuild a vanity system than risk the alternative—we thought you would like that too.

  • Wood

    When our projects call for wood as a material we have always provided the best hand-selected, domestic hardwoods that perfectly match the project's design. We also support sustainable lumber by choosing ethically sourced wood. The tradition of working hand in hand to perfectly match various project materials is what separates Stone and Steel from other vanity system suppliers. Our goal is to keep this tradition our focus and continue to provide a single-source solution to our clients.

  • Laminates

    Laminate solutions provide longer durability in conditions where moisture is a factor. Engineered wood is built having multiple thin ply layers that are glued together. The top thicker hardwood veneer wear layer is glued on top surface of the core and is available in almost any hardwood stain and species. Stone and Steel specializes in hand selecting the proper laminates to deliver superior design esthetic along with greater resilience.

  • Composite

    A composite granite sink is an engineered product manufactured using a mix of granite stone dust and acrylic resins molded into sink form.


  • Dining


    Challenge: Design and build key decor elements that connect with design aesthetic and motif. Chef Masaharu Morimto is well known for his role in Iron Chef and Iron Chef America. He has personally garnered critical and popular acclaim for his integration of Western and Japanese culinary styles...

  • Entertainment

    Lexington Social Club

    Challenge: Design, manufacture and install a custom set of interior and exterior food and beverage service solutions for a new Hollywood Social Club brand. Lexington Social House opened in June 2011 and has quickly become one of Los Angeles’ most successful dining, and entertainment destinations...


Stone and Steel enjoys partnerships with some of the most recognizable and successful brands. We find that when driving innovation, design and material science it’s great to have some of the most solid component manufacturers at your back. We are building our reputation for excellence in parallel. When Stone and Steel pushes the boundaries of what’s ordinary we rely exclusively on SLOAN’s superior line of high-end faucet, fixture and water delivery and removal systems. When delivering an extraordinary product and superior client experience it must represent the best – SLOAN has been delivering on this premise for over 100 years.


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